About Aura Cosmetics

My name is Becca, I am a makeup artist from Coventry and the founder of Aura Cosmetics. Due to the covid-19 pandemicand the first lockdown in 2020, I was unable to continue working. This time during lockdown afforded me the perfect opportunity to turn my dream of starting my own make up beauty brand into a reality!

Here at Aura Cosmetics, our aim is to combine beauty with mindfulness and support you in using beauty as a self care tool. Practicing mindfulness is important for our mental health and wellbeing and can be incorporated into all our daily tasks and activities. Make up and mindfulness go hand in hand, the whole creative process of doing your own make up can be so therapeutic and when carrying out this activity mindfully, it can have even more benefits to our overall wellbeing.

Suffering from my own mental health difficulties, I have found using make up as a mindful tool has helped me so much! I use make up as a creative outlet as well as an activity to help me unwind and destress. Simple activities such as getting absorbed into the process of applying eyeliner, getting creative with eyeshadow colours to represent how you arefeeling, using a body scrub with an uplifting scent, or applying a calming scented lip balm. Simple, daily actions can be turned into mindful activities that can help us mentally throughout the day!

Make up and beauty can sometimes be perceived as a negative- “hiding behind a mask”. But with this new take on make upand beauty, I believe we can help shift this view and allow it to be seen in a new and positive light. Not only can make up and beauty products help us look and feel amazing, but theycan also be used as a mindful self care tool to improve our mental health and wellbeing! What’s not to love!?